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CarrierLet the experts handle your summer comfort.  As part of the wide spectrum of services EDCO Environmental Services Inc. provides, our qualified technicians handle new installation, upgrades, and retrofits of cooling equipment, getting the most out of your investment through precision workmanship.  Extensive experience and training ensures knowledgeable recommendations, proper sizing, and projects completed promptly, on budget, and to your complete satisfaction.  Known for dependable results, personal attention, and high quality equipment, EDCO Environmental Services Inc. is your leading choice for all of your temperature control needs.

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Carrier Air ConditionerModern air conditioning has very little in common with the giant, energy gobbling monsters from just a few years ago.  Innovations in design and engineering have led to intelligent systems that automatically adapt speeds to answer changing indoor conditions.  By running longer at lower speeds, superior comfort and greater efficiency is achieved.  These sophisticated alternatives to cooling allow energy tracking, filter and maintenance notifications, and WiFi compatibility.  Manage comfort from your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.  Make adjustments from the comfort of your bed, from your desk at work, or from anywhere you happen to be.  Tailor temperatures, humidity levels, air quality, fan speed, and ventilation to your personal preferences, and rely on your cooling system to conserve energy when you’re out of the house, and provide a refreshing environment for your return.  The smart possibilities and life changing conveniences make these groundbreaking products a must-have for summertime comfort.

If you’ve ever debated the need for air conditioning, consider that when the summer heat sets in, the most you can hope for is to match outside temperatures.  Opening windows does little more than welcome dust, pollen, exhaust fumes, noise pollution, and security risk.  Whole-home cooling manages temperature control, dehumidification, and filtration.  Not only will you sleep, relax, work, and entertain in a refreshingly cool environment, you’ll breathe cleaner, healthier air.  Maintaining relative humidity within an ideal range discourages insects and mold, prevents moisture damage, and allows greater comfort at higher temperatures.  Instead of feeling tired, sticky, and overheated, contact the professionals from EDCO Environmental Services Inc. for accurate recommendations, quick turnaround on your project, and maximum value for your energy dollar.

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As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, EDCO Environmental Services Inc. specializes in state-of-the art cooling systems installed properly.  Completing installation on time, within budget, and optimizing equipment performance ensures your total satisfaction.  We make certain you are entirely familiar with the operation and features of your air conditioner, and offer ongoing preventative maintenance to protect your investment.  For cooling solutions in Valparaiso, Munster, Schererville, Orland Park, Tinley Park & Crown Point, trust the factory trained specialists from EDCO Environmental Services Inc.  We hold ourselves to a higher standard, providing greater payback through superior workmanship.

Plus, EDCO Environmental Services Inc. also provides commercial air conditioner installation in parts of Southeastern Illinois.

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