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controlsTake control of the multiple systems within your commercial facility.  Enjoy comfort, energy-savings, ease of operation, and tighter management of the day to day work environment.  The installation of a state-of-the-art automation system is the key to control over each sub-system.  Contact EDCO Environmental Services Inc. to combine the supervision of multiple systems into a user-friendly interface that displays critical information, and allows surveillance of the entire facility.  A more precise operation of audio, video, security, lighting, temperature control, ventilation, air quality and more, improves comfort, safety, productivity, and cost-savings.  With touch-screen access to critical information, every system can be maintained in peak condition and operated at maximum efficiency.

Get the most out of your building systems with automation!

Protecting your facility, inventory, and equipment is extremely important, and with an automation package from EDCO Environmental Services Inc., it is simple and practical as well.  Easily monitor who enters and exits, watch over both the interior and exterior space, and ensure the safety of employees through modern surveillance and security systems.  You can even get alerted to a breach in security, severe temperature fluctuations, or the presence of smoke, fire, or carbon monoxide.  Track energy use, and receive notifications for filter changes and maintenance requirements.  Manage the security, safety, and performance of your commercial environment from a single control panel, or with WiFi capability, from anywhere you happen to be.  Even if you’re half a world away, EDCO Environmental Services Inc. gives you the ability to keep a close watch on your business.

Lighting and audio can be as essential to the commercial environment as temperature and humidity control.  With a leading-edge automation system, online music services or your own digital music library can easily be accessed from any control panel.  Create a playlist, adjust volume, or make a selection to improve enjoyment and promote productivity.  Enhance your indoor atmosphere and save on costs with more precise control over lighting.  Most buildings are lit at full intensity throughout “free” daylight hours.  With the simple touch of a button, you can improve energy savings, enhance your space, and ensure greater security.

With advanced technology and expert service, EDCO Environmental Services Inc. will help you get control of your commercial space.

A fully automated conference room seamlessly integrates projectors, lighting, video and audio conferencing, temperature, air quality, and more to allow for greater convenience, luxury, and access to necessary systems to facilitate your goals.  The possibilities are nearly limitless, and the specialists from EDCO Environmental Services Inc. will work with you to design a system that combines innovative products with user-friendly control.  We streamline the process to ensure quick completion of your project, minimizing disruption of your daily operation, and making sure your standards of quality are met.  We put rewarding control in your hands.