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generatorEDCO Environmental Services Inc. is your complete resource for all your residential, commercial, and recreational generator needs.  Whether you’re in the market for a home standby generator to protect against power outages, a portable RV generator for your next vacation, or a backup generator to maintain business operations, we offer a wide selection of brands and styles, ensuring quality products at the best prices.  Our experienced technicians provide helpful recommendations to assist you in finding the perfect solution to your energy needs, proper installation to ensure a safe transfer of power, and regular maintenance to protect your investment.

For your generator needs, trust in EDCO Environmental Services Inc.!

The knowledgeable staff from EDCO Environmental Services Inc. has the in-field experience and comprehensive training to perfectly install the highest quality generators on the market today.  Running on gas or liquid propane, these units are located outside, and turn on automatically when home or commercial power is suddenly unavailable.  Backup generators are permanently installed, and deliver power directly to your home’s electrical system, protecting from damage and inconvenience until power is restored.

Keep your home safe during all conditions with a reliable generator!

When you trust your backup power source to EDCO Environmental Services Inc., some of the many benefits you’ll enjoy from installation and extended service of a modern generator include:

  • An automatic, reliable source of power ensures smooth operation of your home or business whether or not you are on the premises.
  • Utilizing existing natural gas or liquid propane as a fuel source, there is never a concern or need for refueling.
  • By delivering power directly to your home, the inconvenience and safety risk of lengthy extension cords is eliminated.
  • The unit recognizes a power outage, and within a matter of seconds, is up to capacity and generating electricity.
  • Even if you are unavailable to manage your property, the backup generator continues operation until utility power returns, and then automatically transfers power back.
  • Uninterrupted power prevents damage to home appliances, and temperature-sensitive material.
  • There is none of the interruption and inconvenience associated with a lengthy power outage.  Your electronics, appliances, and temperature control systems continue to operate.
  • You’ll enjoy complete management of the system, powering your entire home or facility, or preselecting priority of certain appliances.
  • Accurate and timely installation from EDCO Environmental Services Inc. ensures that your high standards for quality and safety are met.