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Carrier FurnaceWhatever type of heating system you have, don’t hold off on service until it breaks down.  A clean, well-adjusted heater will save you money on fuel and prolong service life.  Furnace manufacturers all highly recommend yearly inspection and tuning by qualified technicians.  They also have language included in their warranties that withholds coverage for damage caused by improper maintenance.  The factory trained technicians from EDCO Environmental Services Inc. handle the requirements of your warranty, troubleshoot, and perform the necessary tuning to eliminate the majority of malfunctions, promote optimum energy efficiency, and ensure superior performance year after year.  You’ll enjoy lower cost of ownership, improved comfort, and complete peace of mind.

Stay safe and warm with regular heating system service!

A furnace that is not operating properly can be deadly.  Carbon monoxide is a natural product of incomplete combustion.  Nearly every gas heating system generates some carbon monoxide, which is carried safely away from the home through venting.  A clean, efficiently burning gas furnace produces small quantities of carbon monoxide, while a dirty, inefficiently burning unit can generate deadly amounts.  The NATE-certified technicians from EDCO Environmental Services Inc. will perform a safety check of startup, operation, and shutdown of your heating system.  We will also verify the integrity of the heat exchanger.   Over time, small cracks or holes may develop in the heat exchanger.  While your furnace may continue to operate, dangerous levels of carbon monoxide may be introduced into breathing air.  The solution is simple.  Yearly maintenance from EDCO Environmental Services Inc. allows both inspection of the system and the necessary steps to maintain safe operation.

The older the heating system, the more crucial it is to keep up with regular service.  Newer gas furnaces come standard with many features that ensure shut off when a problem is detected.  Older models have no such devices.  Over time, despite regular filter changes, dust and debris accumulates within the inner workings.  The resulting restriction of airflow forces the components to work much harder to handle temperature needs, leading to greater wear and tear, loss of efficiency, and shortened service life.  A comprehensive cleaning not only promotes proper operation, but protects Indoor Air Quality.  When EDCO Environmental Services Inc.  completes a full system cleaning, there’s no dust, bugs, mites, construction debris, webs, pollen, mice, or feces inside your system.  We make sure there is no mold, dust, or mildew in the vents.  Removing heavy buildup allows the system to operate at superior capacity and efficiency, and helps you breathe easier.

Trust the experts from EDCO Environmental Services Inc. for all your heating service needs!

You’re in good hands with EDCO Environmental Services Inc..  As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, our specialized team of technicians have the crucial training, years of extensive experience, and sophisticated tools to properly manage the upkeep of your HVAC system.  Whether your system is old or new, residential or commercial, a leading or more obscure brand, we complete an extensive checklist of tasks targeted at improving reliability, efficiency, and comfort.  The higher quality service performed by EDCO Environmental Services Inc. might not be the cheapest, but we are the most effective.  Investing in maintenance is only beneficial if the proper work is completed.  Trusting EDCO Environmental Services Inc. pays dividends year after year.

Contact the experts at EDCO Environmental Services Inc. for reliable heating and furnace service in Crown Point and NW Indiana and Southeastern Chicagoland. We also offer commercial heating maintenance for business owners in parts of Southeastern Illinois. Call now!

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